I am a software and web developer based in the United States. I am well-versed in C++ and Python, and also have experience with Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, D. I have built native Android applications using Java as well as Kotlin, some of which you can find links to here. I've built a number of websites using various technologies, such as Django, Flask, and Node.js.


Below are a number of projects that I have made or worked on. Some of these are open-source, and if so will have Github links to view the source code.


A very simple cross-platform program for counting lines of code. High performance and a high degree of extensibility.

Language: C++

Dependencies: cxxopt, fmt, json, Catch2 for testing

Wooden Toy

A tiny website that displays a visualization, as well as lyrics, to the song Wooden Toy by Amon Tobin. Made in collaboration with Jordan Fitzgerald.

Languages: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Technology: HTML Canvas


A simple open-source C++11 library for constructing HTML documents and elements. Only depends on the standard library, only requires a single header file, and allows for method chaining.

Recently rewritten to improve code readability, ease the process of adding new features, as well as add better testing.

Language: C++


A single-header C++11 library for creating HTTP messages (responses and requests) as well as parsing. Depends solely on the standard library, and has method chaining.

Language: C++


A Node.js based Discord bot for associating a user with their Last.fm account and grabbing statistics from Last.fm. I host an instance of the bot for inviting to your server.

Language: JavaScript

Technology: Node.js

APIs: Discord API, Last.fm API